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Part Time Learning

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Course Code Course Name Category
ACCT-722 Advanced Managerial Accounting Business
BUSN-110 Strategies for Business Success Business
BUSN-119 Business Fundamentals Business
BUSN-122 Customer Service and Relationship Building Business
BUSN-210 Career Exploration Business
BUSN-225 Intro to Research Methods and Data Analysis Business
BUSN-226 Business Analysis Business
BUSN-228 Leadership and Innovation Business
BUSN-313 Career Action Business
BUSN-325 Intro to Research Methods and Data Analysis 2 Business
BUSN-331 Business Law Business
BUSN-332 Business Strategy Business
BUSN-333 Business Culture and Coll. Pract Business
BUSN-350 Business Ethics Business
CANA-300 Cannabis Law Business
CEBS-115 Customer Service Business
CEFN-801 Retirement Planning Business
CEFN-802 Risk Management and Estate Planning Business
CEFN-803 Strategic Investment Planning Business
CEFN-804 Income Tax Planning Business
CEHR-942 Payroll Administration Business
CEHR-966 Grievances Arbitration and Contract Administration Business
CEHT-100 Health Records Management 1 Business
CEHT-101 Health Records Management 2 Business
CEHT-102 Health Care Terminology Business
CELC-910 Real Estate 1 Business
CELC-911 Real Estate 2 Business
CELC-912 Corporate Law Business
CELC-915 Litigation 1 Business
CELC-916 Litigation 2 Business
CELC-921 Real Estate - Law Clerk Business
CELC-922 Estates - Law Clerk Business
CELC-923 Civil Litigation - Law Clerk Business
CELC-941 Legal Documentation Business
CELC-942 Legal Software Business
CEMG-101 Principles of Industrial Traffic Business
CEMG-102 Inventory Control Business
CEMG-103 Fundamentals of Operations Management Business
CEMG-908 Logistics Management Business
CEMG-909 Fundamentals of Project Management Business
CEMG-910 Project Planning and Control Business
CEMG-911 Project Quality Procurement and Logistics Business
CEMG-918 MS Project Business
CEMG-919 Managing Information Technology Projects Business
CEMG-922 Project Communication and Team Building Business
CEMG-924 Project Estimating and Cost Management Business
CEMG-948 Supply Chain Management Business
CEMG-949 Enterprise Resource Planning Business
CEOA-124 Financial Applications Business
CEOA-204 Medical Office Procedures Business
CEOA-208 Medical Machine Transcription Business
CEOA-210 Medical Machine Transcription 2 Business
CEQA-401 Quality Concepts Business
CESB-902 Consulting as a Career Business
CESI-140 Lean Green Belt Training Business
CESI-400 International Business Fundamentals Business
CESI-401 Importing Management Principles Business
CESI-402 Exporting Management Principles Business
CESI-403 Global Logistics Business
CESI-404 Customs Service and Compliance Business
CESI-405 Financial Management for Import/Export Administration Business
CEWS-100 Business Boot Camp Series Business
CKE1-CKE Exam Preparation Course CKE 1 Business
CMGT-100 Fundamentals of Compliance Business
CMGT-101 Effective Compliance Programs Business
CMGT-102 102 Reviews, Audits, Investigations and Complaints Business
CMGT-103 Privacy and Information Protection Business
CMGT-104 Anti-Money Laundering, Bribery/Corruption and Economic Sanctions Business
CMGT-105 Securities Law Compliance Business
CNBS-100 Cannabis Regulations Business
CNBS-101 Introduction to Cannabis Studies Business
CNBS-102 Cannabis Cultivation Theory Business
CNBS-103 Cannabis Cultivation Systems Business
CNBS-104 Cannabis Processing Theory Business
CNBS-105 Formulation of Cannabis Products Business
CNBS-200 Cannabis Cultivation at Home Business
COMP-106 Applied Business Software 1 Business
COMP-126 Applied Business Software 2 Business
CORP-030 Action Learning Business
CPAC-101 Payroll Compliance Legislation - Canadian Payroll Association Business
CPAC-102 Payroll Fundamentals 1 - Canadian Payroll Association Business
CPAC-103 Payroll Fundamentals 2 - Canadian Payroll Association Business
CTRN-101 Court Transcription - Novice Business
CTSS-101 Court Clerk Crminal - OCJ/YCJ Business
CTSS-102 Communications - Business
CTSS-103 Court Clerk - Family 1 Business
CTSS-104 Court Monitor 1 Business
CTSS-106 Practicum 1 Business
CTSS-111 Court Clerk - Family 2 Business
CTSS-112 Court Monitor II Business
CTSS-113 Clerk/POA Business
CTSS-114 Practicum 2 Business
DRMC-101 Digital Branding Business
DRMC-102 Digital Marketing Business
DRMC-103 eCommerce Platform Business
ECON-305 Economics for Business and Management Business
ENTD-500 Entrepreneurship - Part One: The Fundamentals Business
ENTD-502 Business Operations Business
ENTD-503 Marketing Business
ENTD-504 Using the Internet for Business Business
ENTD-505 Business Accounting and Finance Business
ENTP-302 Creating and Managing Innovation Business
ENTP-331 Developing a Business Plan Business
HRMT-300 Organizational Behaviour Business
HRMT-301 Human Resource Management Business
HRMT-302 Recruitment and Selection Business
HRMT-306 Employment Law Business
HRMT-307 Human Resource Planning Business
HRMT-308 Labour Relations Business
HRMT-310 Occupational Health and Safety Business
HRMT-311 Compensation and Benefits Business
HRMT-312 Employee Training and Development Business
HRMT-316 Dispute Resolution Business
HRMT-317 Managerial Accounting for Human Resources Management Business
HRMT-318 Payroll Business
HRMT-321 Religious Accommodation in the Workplace and Schools Business
INTL-220 International Business Concepts Business
INTL-304 World Systems: History, Geopolitics and Culture Business
INTL-332 Exporting Business
INTL-335 Importing Business
INTL-336 International Management: Strategy and Negotiation Business
INTL-339 International Business Planning Business
IPIC-101 Trademark Foundations and Lifecycle Business
IPIC-102 Searches and Filing a Trademark Application Business
IPIC-103 Trademark Examination, Registration and Renewal Business
IPIC-104 Trademark Opposition, Section 45 and Infringement Business
JOBS-221 Job Search Skills Business
KEYS-101 Keyboarding 1 Business
KEYS-102 Keyboarding 2 Business
KEYS-103 Keyboarding 3 Business
KEYS-104 Keyboarding 4 Business
LAWS-111 Introduction to Canadian Law Business
MATH-118 Mathematics of Finance 1 Business
MATH-119 Mathematics of Finance 2 Business
MATH-128 Mathematics Of Finance 1-E Business
MGMT-222 Management Principles Business
MGMT-322 Management Information Systems Business
MGMT-323 Management Information Systems (with SAP) Business
MGMT-324 Integrated Business Planning Business
MKTG-116 Principles of Marketing Business
MKTG-221 Practical Applications in Marketing Business
MKTG-222 Retailing Business
MKTG-223 Professional Selling Business
MKTG-224 Market Research Business
MKTG-225 Business to Business Marketing Business
MKTG-228 Brand Planning Business
MKTG-229 Digital Marketing Business
MKTG-233 Consumer Analysis Business
MKTG-301 B2B Marketing and Channel Management Business
MKTG-305 Internet Research and Marketing Business
MKTG-331 Marketing Communications Business
MKTG-332 International Marketing Business
MKTG-333 Advanced Professional Selling Business
MKTG-335 Sales Promotion and Direct Response Marketing Business
MKTG-340 Strategic Marketing Planning Business
MSOF-101 MOS Certification Session 1 Business
MSOF-103 MOS Certification Session 2 Business
MSOF-105 MOS Certification Session 3 Business
MSOF-107 MOS Certification Session 4 Business
MSOF-201 MOS Certification Session 5 Business
MSOF-202 MOS Certification Session 6 Business
MSOF-203 MOS Certification Session 7 Business
MSOF-204 MOS Certification Session 8 Business
OAEX-243 Social Media and Online Communications Business
OAEX-244 Computerized Bookkeeping Business
OAEX-253 Executive Office Procedures 1 Business
OAEX-255 Executive Office Procedures 2 Business
OAEX-256 Project Management for Administrative Professionals Business
OAGN-113 Office Administration Technology 1 Business
OAGN-115 Introduction to Word Processing Business
OAGN-116 Word Processing Applications Business
OAGN-118 Document Review & Proofreading Business
OAGN-119 Document Production Business
OAGN-122 Career Readiness Business
OAGN-123 Office Administration Technology 2 Business
OAGN-124 Financial Procedures Business
OAGN-125 Office Communications and Procedures Business
OAGN-127 Machine Transcription Business
OAGN-261 Integrated Software Applications Business
OAGN-262 Field Placement Business
OAME-236 Health Care Terminology 1 Business
OAME-237 Health Care Terminology 2 Business
OAMT-101 Minute Taking Workshop Business
OASH-101 Shorthand Workshop Business
OMGT-129 Intro to Supply Chain and Business Operations Business
OMGT-220 Purchasing Supply Management with SAP Business
OMGT-221 Purchasing and Value Analysis Business
OMGT-223 Production Planning and Control Business
OMGT-226 Materials Management Business
OMGT-229 Project Management for Business Business
PMGT-701 Fundamentals of Project Management Business
PMGT-702 Project Leadership Business
PMGT-703 Project Communication Business
PMGT-706 Business Principles Business
PRLG-101 Paralegal Licensing Exam Prep Business
RS-127 International Trade Finance (FITT) Business
RS-128 Global Entrepreneurship (FITT) Business
RS-129 International Trade Research (FITT) Business
RS-133 Legal Aspects of International Trade (FITT) Business
RS-134 International Trade Management (FITT) Business
RS-135 International Trade Logistics (FITT) Business
RS-138 International Market-Entry and Distribution (FITT) Business
SMAL-307 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Business
VROA-100 Virtual Office Administration Business