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Organizational Behaviour

Course Code HRMT-300
Course Name Organizational Behaviour
Category Business
Description This Organization Behaviour course will offer you an overview of the field, which deals with how and why people and groups act in organizations and society, and how human behaviour affects and is affected by dynamics within the social system.

This course will begin with defining what organizational behaviour is, the approaches and concepts used in its study and the environmental context within which organizations operate. Because the rate of change and the increasing complexity of organizations are unprecedented, the course will also examine individual dimensions as antecedents to behaviour, progressing through collective and interpersonal interaction, and then considering organization-wide variables and issues.

The well-rounded approach of the Organizational Behaviour course will include individual tasks such as self-assessments, team assignments (such as the exploration of the relationship between leadership styles, and different forms and levels of motivation and related concepts), various in-class and homework exercises, two mid-term tests and a final cumulative exam.

Upon completion of this undertaking, you will have the ability to:

• Analyze emerging issues faced by organizations and assess the implications of these challenges to organizational effectiveness, with particular emphasis on human rights, managing diversity, and global cross-cultural and multi-diversity-ism issues;
• Provide examples of, and evaluate, the multiple environmental dimensions' concepts under which all modern organizations operate;
• Evaluate and apply various theoretical and/or conceptual and analytical frameworks, models, concepts, approaches and anchors employed in the study of organizational behaviour to various social systems;
• Analyze various individual level dimensions and factors that influence behaviour and their impact on intrapersonal and interpersonal behaviour, within smaller group and larger organizational settings;
• Evaluate group and team factors which impact people's behaviour, and the impact of people's behaviour and other dynamics and influences on group and team interactions and processes;
• Develop a code of behaviour demonstrating the characteristics and skills needed to evolve into, and ensure working interactively and collaboratively, within a "highly effective self-managed" team;
• Evaluate, identify and analyze key aspects on behaviour of interpersonal interaction via review and application of theoretical concepts in communications, motivation, power, politics, decision making processes and conflict management;
• Compare and contrast how various leadership styles are characterized and manifested, and impact interpersonal relationships;
• Analyze the reciprocity of individual, group, organizational and societal interactions and processes;

Notes Please note this course replaces BUSN 221.

Required course for the following outside certifications: CIM, HRPA of Ontario, CPA.

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.

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