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Human Resource Planning

Course Code HRMT-307
Course Name Human Resource Planning
Category Business
Description The Human Resource Planning course will explain how this aspect links the human resources function to the organization's mission, goals, objectives and strategies.

Through this offering, you will be taught the process of determining human resource requirements and formulating goals, objectives and strategies. This means you will learn to be forward looking and anticipate future human resource requirements, and develop plans and strategies to meet them. As such, you will develop and analyze alternative human resource strategies and critically assess their relationship to the operational and strategic plans of the organization.

As part of your Human Resource Planning training, you will complete three quizzes, three assignments (managing external exigencies incorporating SWOT and developing concomitant actions, restructuring and a case analysis), and a final exam that will be cumulative.

Completion of this course will allow you to confidently:

• Analyze alternative strategies for maintaining and/or improving an organization's human resources and/or performance and correctly match them to appropriate business and/or organizational strategies;
• Examine the different levels of planning in an organization and explain the relationship between human resource planning (HRP) and business planning at each level;
• Analyze and explain the different steps in the HRP process and discuss how the process can be applied at both the operational and strategic level;
• Develop strategies to address environmental factors and shape organizational and HR plans and strategies;
• Analyze how job analysis and/or job design and organizational change and/or development are linked to HRP;
• Explain the purpose of a human resource information system (HRIS) and describe how it facilitates HRP;
• Compare the advantages and disadvantages of HR demand forecasting techniques, and external and internal supply assessment methods;
• Analyze alternative HR strategies for the merger, acquisition and separation of human resources and correctly match them to appropriate business and/or organization strategies;
• Define succession management, and discuss its role in maintaining and improving organizational performance;
• Critically assess and evaluate the cultural impact of IHRM strategies and practices in an organizational setting;
• Evaluate human resources outsourcing risks, limitations and benefits to HRP and organizational effectiveness;
• Assess alternative methods of evaluating an organization's HRM and HRP strategies.
Notes Prerequisite: Human Resources Management HRMT-301 or permission of the department.
Required course for the following outside certifications: HRPAO

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
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