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Market Research

Course Code MKTG-224
Course Name Market Research
Category Business
Description The Marketing Research course will introduce you to marketing research as a valuable tool in problem solving and decision-making in a business environment.

The course will cover vital topics such as defining research problems and establishing research objectives, formulating the research proposal, research design, and qualitative research methods; data analysis for descriptive purposes, data collection and basic statistics, and more.

As you learn these topics, you will become familiar with a wide variety of marketing research methods and techniques, and will be taught the statistical background needed to gain confidence in a particular research result.

During the duration of Marketing Research, you will complete four assignments (on proposal writing, methodology, questionnaire design and data analysis) as well as a comprehensive final test.

Among the course learning outcomes will be the ability to:

•Describe the role of marketing research in strategic management;
•List the steps in the marketing research process;
•Identify marketing issues and develop appropriate marketing research objectives to address these issues;
•Compare and contrast exploratory, descriptive, causal, primary, secondary, qualitative and quantitative research;
•Justify appropriate research methods based on the nature of the marketing issue and the research objectives identified;
•Develop effective data collection instruments;
•Compare and contrast appropriate sampling methods to meet specific research objectives;
•Select sample sizes, confidence intervals (margins of error) and confidence levels;
•Appraise a data set relative to hypotheses to be tested;
•Analyze results and make actionable recommendations;
•Summarize key findings based on data analysis;
•Design a research proposal and a research report.
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