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Risk Management and Estate Planning

Course Code CEFN-802
Course Name Risk Management and Estate Planning
Category Business
Description Risk Management and Estate Planning will focus on offering you the knowledge you need to assist Canadians, whose average life expectancy has increased exponentially over the decades.
The offering will cover 14 units that focus on issues including disability, death, health and long-term care insurance, personal trusts, property and liability. It will also prepare you in respect to estate planning issues pertaining to property interests, family law, will preparation and taxation upon death.

You will understand disability insurance, health and long-term care; life insurance and assets in property interests. You will examine risk management strategies to reduce and or eliminate risk impact; compile various estate planning issues around family property, property division and support obligations; understand the use of wills; personal trusts; tax reduction with utilization of personal trusts and taxes at death, and understand the legal and ethical responsibilities of professional financial planner. All tests in the Risk Management and Estate Planning course will be written online with The Canadian Institute of Financial Planning.
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