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Court Transcription - Novice

Course Code CTRN-101
Course Name Court Transcription - Novice
Category Business
Description In Ontario, court transcripts are produced and certified by independent, authorized court transcriptionists. A list of authorized court transcriptionists is available to the public and members of the legal profession. Ordering parties can select the transcriptionist of their choice from that list and are no longer required to hire the transcriptionist who was present in the courtroom during their proceedings.

This opens the door to great opportunities for those who are seeking flexible, self-employment, which can be done from the comfort of their home, either full or part-time. Authorized court transcriptionists can also choose the amount of work they will accept and work independently or in partnerships with other authorized transcriptionists.

Students in this course will learn the transcription procedures and techniques required to produce certified transcripts from all court jurisdictions according to the standards set by the Ministry of the Attorney General. Upon successful completion of this course students will have met the Ministry of the Attorney General transcript qualification standards and will be eligible to become authorized court transcriptionists in accordance with and pursuant to the Attorney Generals Approval, and Authorization made under applicable Ontario Regulations.

The Ministry of the Attorney General regulates the class, so attendance is mandatory (no more than 3 absences permitted), and a grade of 98% is required on the final test, which is only given once. Students should come to the class with a working knowledge of MS Word and the ability to type.

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