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Document Review & Proofreading

Course Code OAGN-118
Course Name Document Review & Proofreading
Category Business
Description Document Review & Proofreading will be essential if your daily activities involve working with written or printed communications, including if you are a student, office worker, originator of documents or other professional businessperson who strives for excellence in your communications.

With the ability to proofread and edit being essential in today's workplace, this course will not only cover these areas but will also place a focus on promoting the improvement of general business communication as it relates to the production of error-free documents.

This course will be comprised of weekly spelling quizzes, proofreading exercises, group assignments that will be completed over the entirety of the semester wherein you will find examples of companies that did not proofread by applying material learned in class to real world situations, two individual assignments and three tests.

Successful completion of the course will result in the ability to:

•Use appropriate business communication reference books;
•Proofread common business documents (print and electronic) for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax;
•Apply correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in common print and electronic business documents;
•Edit business documents and email messages for complete information, accuracy of facts, consistency in style and format, and correct word usage;
•Communicate (speak, listen, read) effectively in a business setting.

Notes Mature Student status (19 years and older)

Students have 5 years from the start date to complete the Program.
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