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International Business Concepts

Course Code INTL-220
Course Name International Business Concepts
Category Business
Description International Business Concepts will serve as an educational introduction to the major considerations in conducting business activities within a global context.

The course, which will take the perspective of a Canadian businessperson seeking international opportunities in today's dynamic global environment, will be delivered in a blended format. As such, you will spend two hours in class and one hour online per week.

During your time in the International Business Concepts course, you will gain a broad overview of the domestic and foreign environments within which international business takes place, examine international trade and foreign direct investment, and look at outlines of several of the key strategic decisions facing international business managers.

You will partake in a range of hands-on activities that will be made up of realistic content you may encounter in the field. Among these activities will be weekly online quizzes, individual in-class assignments, group projects (online discussions and in-class presentations) and tests.

Once you complete your training in International Business Concepts, you will be able to confidently:

•Identify common careers in international business and typical entry-level positions in the international business sector of Canadian business;
•Describe how the forces of globalization both drive and constrain opportunities in today's business world;
•Analyze the impact of major international trade agreements and organizations on international business opportunities, including North American Free Trade Agreement, World Trade Organization, European Union, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, and the Common Market of the South;
•Assess the importance of environmental geographical and cultural factors (such as location, time zones, religion, customs and languages spoken) in international business decision-making;
•Demonstrate an understanding of international trade, world investment flows and economic integration;
•Explain the role Canadian and international institutions play in supporting, facilitating and/or strengthening international trade and business opportunities;
•Develop an ethical approach to international business, and analyze approaches to the management of corporate social responsibility in the context of international business;
•Identify the major strategic decisions particular to the management of a global business enterprise.
Notes This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.

For further information on print-based and online learning, see the distance learning section of the course catalogue, or visit or email
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