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Business Law

Course Code BUSN-331
Course Name Business Law
Category Business
Description Business Law is intended to familiarize you with the Canadian legal system. While the emphasis will be on the law of torts and contracts, the law relating to the activities of business organizations will also be extensively examined. As such, you will study topics among which will be professional liability, corporation law, global citizenship and equity, employment law and much more.

Your knowledge of the subject area will be tested through tests on business law in the Canadian legal system and torts, contracts and employment law. You will also partake in a case study that will see you completing an analysis of a contemporary business case relating to labour and employment laws.

Once you complete the Business Law course, you will be able to:

• Explain how tort law and contract law relate to for-profit businesses within the Canadian legal system;
• Predict how case law and statute law will influence the outcomes of practical business situations.
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