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Human Resource Management

Course Code HRMT-301
Course Name Human Resource Management
Category Business
Description This Human Resource Management (HRM) course will introduce you to the functional areas and contextual elements relevant to the subject matter.

If you have little or no prior knowledge of human resource management, this course will allow you to acquire a basic level of knowledge and skills through the various assignments, quizzes and a final exam. Your instructor will also periodically administer unannounced evaluations on material throughout the term as either in-class or homework exercises.

The Human Resource Management course will also teach you to apply acquired concepts and terminology to solve problems related to effective strategic human resource management in organizations.

As a result of your training in this course, you will gain the know-how to:

• Evaluate the role and functions of human resource management in contributing to the goals of an organization and how the HRM department provides strategic input to the various units within an organization;
• Assess the impact of the legal framework that regulates the employment relationship on the practice of human resources management in the Canadian workplace;
• Formulate strategic and operational human resources plans to facilitate and support the attainment of corporate, business and functional level objectives and strategies of an organization;
• Develop recruitment, selection, orientation and socialization strategies to meet an organization's human resources requirements in accordance with legal and ethical standards;
• Assess the efficacy of various strategies to manage employee performance through the use of orientation, training, development, performance appraisal, counseling and career management;
• Analyze various components of total rewards in compensation and their respective impacts on improving employee motivation, performance and job satisfaction;
• Critique strategies used to effectively promote occupational health, safety and employee wellness in the workplace;
• Evaluate techniques and strategies to promote positive employer-employee relations;
• Analyze the forces driving union formation, processes for gaining bargaining rights (certification), trends in union membership, steps and processes in collective agreement negotiation and administration (including steps and protocols in managing grievances and arbitrations);
• Assess differing approaches and develop audit processes to evaluate human resource management strategies.

Notes Required course for the following outside certifications: HRPAO; Elective course for the following outside certifications: PMAC

Effective Summer 14 - Group work is required
Online course requires mandatory group work.

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
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