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Word Processing Applications

Course Code OAGN-116
Course Name Word Processing Applications
Category Business
Description Word Processing Applications is a continuation of the Intro To Word Processing course.
As such, the focus will be on helping you to develop intermediate skills to operate and utilize word processing software in order to produce enhanced business documents.

In comparison to the previous course, there will be greater emphasis on building communications and critical thinking skills, and on progressively increasing keyboarding proficiency to produce a variety of business documents with speed and accuracy.

Through Word Processing Applications lectures, discussions, speed and accuracy drills, and production assignments, you will learn about topics such as business letters, business correspondence, graphics and document backgrounds, columns and graphics, reports with section breaks, preliminary pages, productivity tools for reports and more.

Timed writings will be conducted using the Keyboarding Pro software. You will have to submit three five-minute timed writings at a minimum speed of 40 words per minute with 98 per cent accuracy to pass the course. You will be encouraged to improve your keyboarding skills beyond the minimum speed of 40 words per minute.

The Word Processing Applications course will give you the ability to:

- Touch keyboard at a minimum rate of 40 words per minute (gross) with 98 per cent accuracy;
- Apply word processing commands and tools to format documents;
- Produce business documents in a mailable form to intermediate production-level standards using word processing software;
- Prepare documents using tables and graphics to present data;
- Use word processing tools to format various components and styles of reports.

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