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Marketing Communications

Course Code MKTG-331
Course Name Marketing Communications
Category Business
Description The Marketing Communications course will introduce you to the role of promotion in the marketing mix.

You will learn how to develop an integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategy and supporting programs for efficiently marketing goods and/or services based on: marketing objectives, an identified target market, Canadian advertising regulations and ethical principles of advertising.

The Marketing Communications course will differentiate between the agency and the client sides of advertising, and will be delivered in four distinct parts:

•Understanding integrated marketing communications (planning, consumer behavior and communication);
•Articulating the message (developing objectives for IMC programs and translating objectives into meaningful messages);
•Delivering the message (media planning and budgeting related to broadcast, print and out of home media);
•Strengthening the message (through sales promotion, direct marketing and/or Internet media).

Through this approach, you will gain the ability to communicate marketing information persuasively and accurately in oral, written and graphic formats. Additionally, the Marketing Communications course will give you the know-how to:

•Recognize the role of the marketing communications department and marketing communications within an organization;
•Apply the concepts of marketing promotion (methods, tools, measurements and elements) for a variety of goods and/or services;
•Develop a targeted and integrated marketing communication strategy that aligns with the marketing plan (assessment, objectives, programs and/or budgets, creative and/or media, and controls) for a particular product/service;
•Select the appropriate promotional tools, methods and elements for the marketing of particular products, concepts, goods or services;
•Incorporate evolving technologies into the promotional plan;
•Use presentation software, where appropriate, to improve the clarity and impact of marketing promotional materials;
•Develop strategies that adhere to ethical principles and laws related to business practices in general and to marketing promotion in particular.
Notes Prerequisite: Principles of Marketing MKTG-116 or permission of the department.

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
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