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Digital Marketing

Course Code MKTG-229
Course Name Digital Marketing
Category Business
Description Digital Marketing will examine strategies that are widely regarded as key to effectively communicating with today's online customers.

This area of business, as it will be examined in this course, is based on the imperatives of ubiquitous access, consumer engagement and the democratization of media. Emphasized will be three interrelated components: digital marketing and its foundations in direct marketing and relationship marketing.

You will first become comfortable in digital marketing strategy development and history, and the foundation and application of direct marketing campaigns, with a particular focus on the creation and utilization of customer databases. The course will then cover creating an organization-wide customer-centric approach to the marketplace along with specific strategies for building long-term relationships with customers (customer lifetime value); developing a digital marketing strategy; using digital marketing tools; and acquiring implementation skills (in the form of an introduction to digital project management and practicing how to present your ideas and plans). Lastly, you will learn to understand customers and how marketers are connecting with them to achieve measurable results.

The course will pay particular attention to:

• Content marketing;
• Web property analysis (strategy, design and navigation), including SEO;
• Social media marketing (choosing the right tool and measuring success);
• Mobile marketing;
• Web advertising;
• Web analytics (Google TM and others) with a focus on leveraging business marketing intelligence;
• E-commerce and web business models (customer acquisition and conversion);

Two-thirds of the course will be specifically concentrated on digital marketing.

Once you complete the course, you will be able to:

•Explore the role that direct marketing has played in the development of the science of marketing -- specifically, measuring results, database building and maintenance, relationship marketing and DMs deep connection to digital marketing;
•Explore the ever-changing customer and technology environments of the digital world and their impact on issues such as privacy, data security and consumer research and media consumption;
•Develop effective processes for the creation of an integrated digital marketing plan and its execution;
•Evaluate a digital marketing project from inception to completion;
•Explain how analytics, including the application of technology-specific tools, can contribute to long-term customer relationships and drive business profitability;
•Characterize the scope and breadth of digital marketing in the acquisition and retention of targeted customers -- specifically using social media and mobile marketing;
•Evaluate the user design content and the effective use of interactive marketing tools on the web and on mobile devices.
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