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Recruitment and Selection

Course Code HRMT-302
Course Name Recruitment and Selection
Category Business
Description Centennial College's Recruitment and Selection course will teach you how to effectively attract and choose the right job candidates, whether externally or internally, to ensure the organization can fulfill its mandate.

The essential step of effective recruitment and selection makes a tremendous contribution to the overall performance of an organization and to the welfare of its individual members. As such, you will learn to design and implement efficient and valuable recruitment and selection strategies to ensure organizations ultimately have the right number of people, in the right areas, at the right time, to help attain their operational and strategic goals in a way that is compliant with legal, professional and ethical standards.

Recruitment and Selection will see you partake in many practical activities that will prepare you for your role in the field. Among these activities will be reviewing legislation relevant to the recruitment and selection process, creating a resume, cover letter and other devises used in response to recruitment, and having them assessed; conducting and preparing a job analysis and using a competency model; and assuming the role of a staffing specialist, and administering interview and other selection instruments in a mock situation.

Once you complete this Recruitment and Selection course, you will be able to:

• Describe the role and responsibilities of the human resources practitioner in relation to the process, issues and techniques utilized in effective recruitment and selection to ensure equitable recruitment and selection processes towards organizational effectiveness;
• Analyze the legal, professional and ethical standards that provide the framework for recruitment and selection in Canada;
• Explain why decisions based on information gained through scientific method principles are preferred over those based on impressions or intuition;
• Use organizational analysis, process and/or task analysis and job analysis information to determine an organization's human resources requirements;
• Evaluate and/or critique competency-based approaches to human resources versus traditional job analysis;
• Analyze key internal and external factors and trends impacting an organization's recruitment and selection strategies;
• Evaluate the merits of internal versus external recruiting in the context of an organization's human resources requirements and overall business strategy;
• Develop recruitment strategies that identify, contact and attract job applicants consistent with the needs of given organizations;
• Critically assess the various selection instruments and develop selection processes available for use in the selection process appropriate to given positions and organizations;
• Learn to ask questions appropriate to a given position;
• Evaluate the relevance of job-related performance measures;
• Evaluate competing strategies for determining and/or measuring the efficiency, effectiveness, and efficacy of selection and staffing decision-making.

Notes Prerequisite: Human Resources Management HRMT-301 or permission of the department.
Required course for the following outside certifications: HRPA of Ontario

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
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