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Fundamentals of Operations Management

Course Code CEMG-103
Course Name Fundamentals of Operations Management
Category Business
Description An introduction course, Fundamentals of Operations Management is intended to provide background into the development of the operations management activity in Canadian business.

As you study topics such as operations and productivity, operations strategy in a global environment, managing quality, capacity planning, human resources and job design, and more, you will partake in various class discussions, readings and case studies.

Through these learning methods, you will also explore various career choices in operations. You will be expected to apply the theories and concepts of operations management to demonstrate your understanding of the impact of operations activities in the business world.

Upon successful completion of Fundamentals of Operations Management, you will have the ability to:

•Relate the importance of operations principles to a business in the Canadian environment;
•Examine how operations functions are integrated with marketing and finance to play a vital role in achieving a company's strategic plans;
•Provide basic knowledge of the issues and methods in the production of goods and services;
•Relate operations practices and trends to program choice and career decisions.

Notes This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.

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