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Field Placement

Course Code OAGN-262
Course Name Field Placement
Category Business
Description This course provides work experience for fourth-semester Office Administration students. Students will spend two days a week working in an office setting related to their area of specialization (Executive, Legal or Medical).

With many office settings going virtual, online students will also have an enriched learning experience as they navigate their field placement remotely. Video conferencing and business communications platforms will keep students connected to their employers while they complete their daily assigned tasks.
Notes The prerequisites for entrance to take Field Placement course (OAGN262**) are:

1. Students must have successfully completed all semester 1-3 Office administration courses.
2. Students must acquire an overall minimum GPA of 2.0 (C Grade)
3. Students must have a minimum "C" grade in COMM170/171

**OAGN262 - 174 hrs = 3 hours in class orientation week one = 14 hours
Field Placement for 12 weeks = 2 hours in class. Assessment in week 14.

Students require a minimum keyboarding speed of 50 wpm and a minimum Program GPA of 2.0 (C Grade average) to graduate.

This course is being offered online by the Business School Part-time. Please reach out to them at . Thank you.
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