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Labour Relations

Course Code HRMT-308
Course Name Labour Relations
Category Business
Description The Labour Relations course is for you if you are looking for a broad introduction to the subject matter in a Canadian context. It is intended to assist those with little or no prior knowledge of labour relations in acquiring a basic level of familiarity.

As such, the course will cover topics among which will be the history and development of the Canadian labour movement, union organizing, establishing and maintaining bargaining rights, collective agreement, contract negotiation, interest dispute resolution, strikes and lockouts, public sector unions and more.

To ensure that you are prepared for your final exam in this Labour Relations course, you will partake in several assignments including a group union and/or management research project, and bargaining rights, collective bargaining, and grievance settlement simulations. Prior to your comprehensive final exam you will also take a mid-term test.

Successfully completing the Labour Relations course means you will be able to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

• Explain key labour relations terminology and concepts;
• Evaluate the relevance of the historical development of the Canadian labour movement for the contemporary labour movement and trade unionism;
• Evaluate the structure and practice of modern unionism in Canada;
• Analyze contemporary employer approaches to unions and labour relations;
• Evaluate how new unions are organized and bargaining relationships established;
• Analyze how the structure and content of collective agreements, and how collective agreements are negotiated;
• Evaluate the mechanisms that exist to resolve interest disputes;
• Evaluate the structure and process of contract administration;
• Analyze important issues in grievance arbitration;
• Analyze emerging issues in Canadian labour relations.
Notes Prerequisite: Human Resources Management HRMT-301 or permission of the department.

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
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