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Business Culture and Coll. Pract

Course Code BUSN-333
Course Name Business Culture and Coll. Pract
Category Business
Description Communication is a key aspect of commerce and this Business Communications course will focus on offering you a critical foundation that will allow you to support and sustain organizations.

In the business world, you will be expected to conduct credible research on business issues and to clearly communicate your results in writing and via business presentations. You may also work with others across local, regional, national and global distances. As such, the course will teach you to communicate and collaborate using traditional means (emails, letters, memos, reports, meetings and presentations) as well as emerging technologies (online meetings, video conferences, web presentations, blogs and social media).

You will be challenged with communication activities, using traditional and emerging delivery modes. There will also be opportunities to refine presentation and writing skills while raising awareness of interpersonal and/or intercultural communications challenges.

Among specific activities will be online work and discussions based on posted articles, blogs, and structured social media assignments; teamwork during which you will research, organize, prepare and deliver a formal business presentation; an individual business report or proposal; and more.

Upon course completion, you will have the ability to:

•Distinguish between multiple modes of business communication currently dominant in the global business landscape;
•Select the appropriate communication mode for specific communications tasks (i.e. communicating routine, persuasive, "bad news" messages, etc.) and specific business audiences (peer-to-peer, supervisory, broadcast/public/social media, etc.);
•Apply preparation and delivery techniques, as used by effective business presenters, while organizing, preparing and delivering formal and informal business presentations;
•Articulate the impact of body language, tone, facial expression and other non-verbal signals on both mono-cultural and intercultural audiences;
•Implement appropriate intercultural communications practices in team and other peer-to-peer simulated business situations;
•Prepare effective and well-formed business reports, memos, letters and emails;
•Explore current business topics by demonstrating effective research techniques, selecting credible sources, evaluating research materials and selecting only appropriate material for use when communicating results either orally or in writing;
•Use APA citation and referencing format when citing researched materials;
•Apply current principles of data and graphic design to prepare appropriate and clear visualizations of data results, strategic business concepts, stakeholder maps, 2 x 2s and other commonly employed business graphics in both print and screen iterations.

Notes This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
If you are pursuing the CIM (Canadian Institute of Management) certification this BUSN 333 is a required course.

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