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Introduction to Word Processing

Course Code OAGN-115
Course Name Introduction to Word Processing
Category Business
Description Intro To Word Processing will employ a hands-on approach to teaching you the basic skills to operate and utilize word processing software in order to produce basic business documents.

As you listen to lectures and watch demonstrations, and partake in discussions, speed and accuracy drills, production assignments and timed writings, you will develop your skills and confidence. The focus will be on progressively increasing keyboarding efficiency to produce business documents with speed and accuracy, and on building communication and critical thinking skills.

Among the specific topics covered in Intro to Word Processing will be alphabetic key reaches, figure and symbol keys, format text with font, commands, memos and email, and more.

One of the most essential aspects of the course will be timed writings. Three five-minute timed writings at a minimum speed of 30 words per minute with 98 per cent accuracy will have to be submitted to pass the course. During the duration of the course, you will also compile a collection of achievements and examples of your business document production.

As a result of Intro to Word Processing, you will be able to:

•Show the ability to touch keyboard at a minimum rate of 30 words per minute (gross) with 98 per cent accuracy;
•Apply word processing commands and tools to format documents;
•Produce memos and letters using word processing software;
•Create tables using word processing software to present data in documents.

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