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Office Communications and Procedures

Course Code OAGN-125
Course Name Office Communications and Procedures
Category Business
Description The Office Procedures & Communications course is designed to help you to communicate effectively with co-workers, clients and customers, but you will also acquire an understanding of the vital role of communication in all its forms as a critical component in any successful organization.

You will come to understand the role of an administrative assistant. You will also acquire the general skills needed to locate and identify resources for employment searches and resume preparation, including the creation of effective resumes and cover letters.

The course will require you to apply your newly acquired knowledge in case studies, role-playing exercises, practical assignments, group projects and presentations. It will also include quizzes that will grade your comprehension of lectures, readings and practical assignments.

Once you complete the Office Procedures & Communications course, you will be able to:

• Explain the impact of effective communication skills on the success of any organization;
• Apply techniques of effective listening;
• Communicate appropriately with any co-worker, client, customer, etc.;
• Engage in meetings;
• Use professional telephone techniques;
• Respond to all requests in the workplace in a timely and professional manner;
• Assist in resolving customer and/or client problems;
• Describe and perform basic office procedures to support the activities of a business;
• Understand and apply human relations principles to maintain effective business relationships;
• Apply organizational and time management skills to enhance productivity.
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