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Business (Online)

Program Code 2308
Program Name Business (Online)
Description Building a resume for application to most entry-level business positions.
Developing a foundation for a longer academic career in an area of specialty such as management/leadership, marketing, human resources, international business or operations and supply chain.
Learning about a variety of industries and job sectors.

This program allows you to develop a solid grounding in contemporary concepts, theories and business practices that are related to the functional areas of the business enterprise. You will study accounting, business communications, customer service, business computer applications, human resources management, marketing principles, organizational behavior, business ethics, Canadian business law, project management, microeconomics, and operations management so you can discover your perfect career fit.

To ensure you are ready for the modern business environment you will engage in experiential learning through teamwork, case studies or projects, hands-on use of business technologies, research, and role-plays or simulations. This program will help you develop the transferrable employment skills employers seek; the abilities you need to enter, remain, and progress in the world of work. You will develop your ability to communicate, manage information, use numbers, think and solve problems, demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours, be responsible, be adaptable, work safely, learn continuously, work with others, and participate in projects and tasks.
Admission Requirements Domestic Students must be 19 years of age or older to get in to this program. No other requirements are necessary.

International Students should contact our International Office via email at for eligibility.
Info MATH 118/MATH128 prepares students for MATH119, which is a required course for most School of Business Diploma programs. Applicants who test between 21/45 and 35/45 in the MATH Assessment test will will take MATH118. Students who score 36/45 or higher will be exempted from MATH118 and MATH128 and will take MATH119.
Notes A minimum C grade average and an overall GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.

Click on each course to view course details and to register online. You can also register by phone at 416-289-5300.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
ACCT-123 Financial Accounting Concepts
ACCT-222 Management Accounting 1
BUSN-119 Business Fundamentals
BUSN-215 Career Planning
BUSN-331 Business Law
BUSN-333 Business Culture and Coll. Pract
COMM-160 College Communications 1
COMM-161 College Communication 1 (ESL)
COMM-170 College Communication 2
COMM-171 College Communication 2 (ESL)
COMP-106 Applied Business Software 1
COMP-126 Applied Business Software 2
ECON-205 Principles of Micro Economics
GNED-500 Global Citizenship
HRMT-300 Organizational Behaviour
HRMT-301 Human Resource Management
MATH-118 Mathematics of Finance 1
MATH-119 Mathematics of Finance 2
MGMT-222 Management Principles
MGMT-223 Customer-Centric Strategy
MKTG-116 Principles of Marketing
OMGT-129 Intro to Supply Chain and Business Operations
OMGT-229 Project Management for Business

Elective Courses

Plus TWO General Education (GNED) electives and TWO Business Electives.

The following list is the options for the Business Electives:
Choose either MKTG 222 OR MKTG 229
Choose either MKTG 223 OR INTL 220
Course Code Course Name
INTL-220 International Business Concepts
MKTG-222 Retailing
MKTG-223 Professional Selling
MKTG-229 Digital Marketing