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Part Time Learning

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Course Code Course Name Category
CEAB-920 Introductory Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Transportation
CEAB-925 Paintless Dent Removal PDR Level 2 Transportation
CEAB-942 Damage Appraisal Transportation
CEAC-800 Aircraft Sheet Metal Transportation
CEAF-804 Internal Combustion Alternative Fuel Technician (Natural Gas) Transportation
CEAF-811 Internal Combustion Alternate Fuel Technician (Propane) Transportation
CEAM-800 Automotive Air Conditioning Transportation
CEAM-801 Automotive Engines Level 1 Transportation
CEAM-802 Automotive Engines Level 2 Transportation
CEAM-803 Electrical Electronics Level 1 Transportation
CEAM-804 Electrical Electronics Level 2 Transportation
CEAP-900 Introduction to Autobody Transportation
CEAP-902 Automotive Painting Transportation
CEAP-903 Advance Automotive Painter Transportation
CEAP-904 Advanced Auto body CEAP-904 Transportation
CEAU-900 Automotive Exam Pre-Certificate (310S) Transportation
CEAV-100 Accessible Vehicle Training Transportation
CEAV-101 Accessible Driver Part 2 Transportation
CEBR-801 Suspension and Alignment 1 Transportation
CEBR-802 ABS Brakes Transportation
CEBR-803 Suspension and Alignment 2 Transportation
CECR-801 ODP - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certification Transportation
CEDI-819 Driver Instructor Training - Full-time Transportation
CEDI-860 Driver Instructor Training - Part-time Transportation
CEFR-100 Accessible Refresher Transportation
CEMM-801 Intro. to Motorcycle Repair Transportation
CEMM-802 Motorcycle Engines Transportation
CEMM-803 Motorcycle Electrical Transportation
CEMO-801 Motorcycle Rider Training CEMO-801 Transportation
CEMO-804 Motorcycling Rider Refresher Transportation
CEMO-805 M2 Exit Motorcycling Rider Training Transportation
CEMO-808 Introduction to Motorcycling CEMO-808 Transportation
CESD-110 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Certification - Level 1 Basics Transportation
CESD-816 Automotive Detailing Transportation
CESD-916 Oxy-Acetylene Welding Transportation
CESD-917 MIG Welding Transportation
CESD-933 Small Engine Repair Transportation
CESM-900 Automotive Service Technician Exam Preparation Transportation
CETU-100 Truck and Coach Pre-Certificate Transportation