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Introductory Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Course Code CEAB-920
Course Name Introductory Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)
Category Transportation
Description Paintless Dent Removal covers the history, techniques, and basic metal finishing skills for paint-less dent removal.

Using Centennial Colleges' fully equipped labs, you will first analyze various kinds of dents and paint conditions. You will then experiment with removing dents from various metals, high-strength steel, and different thicknesses as well as dents with and without access. The course will cover topics such as picks, rods and glue pulling, polishing, door panels, wet sanding and polishing, plastic repair, heating and quenching, and more.

To ensure that you understand all of the concepts, Introductory Paint-less Dent Removal will include demonstrations, group projects, and a series of hands-on exercises.

This course will give you the basic skills you need to take with you, practice at home and become competent at paintless dent removal. You will be able to:

• Analyze vehicle structure for panel access;
• Compare the techniques of metal finishing and paint-less dent repair;
• Explain the function of the various tools and techniques;
• Analyze the various materials and paint surfaces;
• Remove dents without affecting the paint.

Notes For more information call 416-289-5207 PRESS 1 Current or former Centennial students, please call to register

Please note: CSA-approved safety boots and safety glasses will be required for admission to all lab classes. Failure to comply in any lab will result in a temporary dismissal from the class.
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