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Course Code Course Name Category
MATH-001 Fundamentals of Mathematics for Engineering Mathematics
MATH-101 Mathematics 1 Mathematics
MATH-102 Mathematics 2 Mathematics
MATH-106 Mathematics of Finance Mathematics
MATH-111 Mathematics for Architecture Mathematics
MATH-112 Mathematics for Architecture 2 Mathematics
MATH-140 Technology Mathematics 1 Mathematics
MATH-149 Mathematics for Computer Systems 1 Mathematics
MATH-169 Mathematics for Computer Systems 2 Mathematics
MATH-170 Technology Mathematics 2 Mathematics
MATH-176 Mathematics 2 Mathematics
MATH-180 Technology Mathematics 3 Mathematics
MATH-186 Statistics for Applied Science Mathematics
MATH-220 Mathematics 3 Mathematics
MATH-221 Mathematics 4 Mathematics
MATH-231 Differential Calculus with Analytic Geometry Mathematics
MATH-232 Integral Calculus Mathematics
MATH-269 Statistics for Computer Systems Mathematics
MTH-130 Applied Mathematics Mathematics
MTH-160 Calculus Mathematics
PHYS-100 Applied Physics Mathematics