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RPN to BScN Bridging to University Program Online Hybrid

Program Code 7993
Program Name RPN to BScN Bridging to University Program Online Hybrid
Description This Bridging to University Nursing Online Hybrid is an academic pathway offered online to assist registered practical nurses (RPNs) to bridge to University and is offered on a part time basis, delivered over five continuous semesters. The goal of this program is to prepare RPNs to be eligible to continue their nursing education at the university level. Degree completion requirements offered by Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) are taken on a part-time basis over 30 months. Please note that admission to TMU is not guaranteed and remains a competitive process. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to review all admission criteria for TMU prior to application.

Students who choose the online hybrid delivery program will spend time asynchronously and synchronously online to support their learning. Students will be self-directed, will apply adult learning principles and will gain knowledge through discovery. A problem-solving approach to each course will develop critical thinking and analytical skills as well as broadening perspectives.

The curriculum in the Bridging to University Nursing Online Hybrid courses is based on the College of Nurses of Ontario Standards of Practice for Nursing and Entry to Practice Competencies for Ontario Registered Nurses. It aims to provide a solid foundation for nursing practice by emphasizing ethics and professional practice, health assessment, skill enhancement, and caring for clients with acute and chronic illness.

An exciting and unique aspect of this program is its focus on caring for individuals, groups and communities in acute care settings.

To ensure that you are prepared for the field, this School of Community and Health Studies program will give you opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in a clinical setting under the direction, facilitation and guidance of faculty. Placement is allocated within the Greater Toronto Area and students are expected to arrange travel and accommodation where necessary to complete one practicum course.

The Bridging to University Nursing Online Hybrid program features the same curriculum as the full-time and flex delivery of the Bridging to university nursing program. Program intake will take place three times a year: Fall, Winter and Summer.

PLEASE NOTE: To take this program, you must be an RPN who holds a diploma from a community college of applied arts and technology (CAAT) in Ontario with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.

SEMESTER LIST (as of Fall 2023):

Semester 1
NUPD 703 - Cultural Awareness, Ethics & Professional Practice
NUPD 735 - Scholarly Writing & Nursing Leadership
NUPD 700 - Health Assessment

Semester 2
NUPD 737 - Nursing Research
NUPD 704 - Transition of Practice & Nurse Wellness

Semester 3
NUPD 701 - Acute and Chronic Illness Theory
PATH 700 - Pathotherapeutics

Semester 4
PHAR 744 - Pharmacology
NUPD 702 - Acute and Chronic Illness Practice

Semester 5
NUPD 706 - Family-Centred Nursing Theory
NUPD 731 - Mental Health and Crisis Management Theory
NUPD 741 - Community Nursing Theory

Admission Requirements Admission Requirement:

1) ONTARIO College Diploma in practical nursing with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher (B average).
2) No repeated courses or failures on all nursing academic transcripts. Applicants must submit official transcripts* from all accredited, postsecondary institutions that they have attended.

Note: To be eligible to apply to TMU, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, students must maintain a competitive GPA with no course repeats or failures in this program.

Additional Requirements:

For Registered Practical Nurses

1) Transcripts from an ONTARIO community college diploma program (inclusion of courses in anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology) are required
2) Proof of current registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario as a Registered Practical Nurse, Entitled to Practice with No Restrictions.

How to Apply:

Applicants must apply online at A non-refundable application fee must accompany applications. The fee is payable online, by telephone, online banking, by mail, or in person to
Info Clinical Placement Requirements:

After admission, but prior to Clinical Placement, students require:

1) Annual clear police check with vulnerable sector screening

2) Completion of immunization requirements (immunization review form issued by the program coordinator)

3) Successful completion and annual renewal of a recognized course in CPR (Healthcare provider level)

4)Mask fit testing will be provided by Centennial College (shaving of portions of face may be required to meet safety standards)

All of the above requirements must be in effect for the duration of each placement.
Contact Name Elizabeth Logaridis, Professor/Coordinator Hybrid Program
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000 Ext. 54314(email preferred)
Contact Email

Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
NUPD-700 Health Assessment
NUPD-701 Acute and Chronic Illness
NUPD-702 Acute and Chronic Illness Practice
NUPD-703 Cultural Awareness, Ethics and Professional Practice
NUPD-704 Transitions of Practice and Nurse Wellness
NUPD-706 Family Centered Nursing
NUPD-731 Mental Health and Crisis Management
NUPD-735 Scholarly Writing and Nurse Leadership
NUPD-737 Nursing Research
NUPD-741 Community Nursing Theory
PATH-700 Pathotherapeutics
PHAR-744 Pharmacology