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Acute and Chronic Illness Practice

Course Code NUPD-702
Course Name Acute and Chronic Illness Practice
Category Health Professionals
Description This course provides a continuous practice experience that will consolidate previous learning and allow opportunities for RPNs and internationally-educated nurses to practice in unstable or unpredictable client health situations in the hospital setting. Students will use critical thinking in their approach to clients/families who are experiencing acute and chronic illness. Using a theoretical approach that is relevant to the practice setting, students will collaborate with clients and colleagues to ensure caring, therapeutic, culturally sensitive nursing practice. It will include an increased client assignment and opportunities for collaboration with health team members. This clinical experience provides the students with a medical and surgical focus for two days per week for 15 weeks. Students will have opportunities to review and update their knowledge of current skills and technologies that are utilized in a variety of health care settings. One expectation of this course is that students will demonstrate knowledge and competency in the performance of these skills in their clinical practice experience. Students will have opportunities to practice these skills in a laboratory setting under teacher guidance and supervision. There will also be an emphasis on self-reflection.

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