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Cultural Awareness, Ethics and Professional Practice

Course Code NUPD-703
Course Name Cultural Awareness, Ethics and Professional Practice
Category Health Professionals
Description This course will assist the RPN and internationally-educated nurse to build on previous knowledge and issues relating to ethics and professional practice gained in your diploma or certificate practical nursing program and diploma program from out-of-country. You will be introduced to the social, political and economic context of health care as it relates to the profession of nursing. You will have an opportunity to examine the trends and participate in the discourse of issues in health care and nursing in Ontario. The history of nursing and its development as a profession will be explored. You will have an opportunity to examine and reflect on your personal and emerging professional values and relationships as it impacts on your role as a health care provider and health care team member. You will examine and apply an ethical decision making model to a complex client care situation. You will use and build upon previous knowledge of the change process and numerous levels of advocacy, including the political process, to enable them to select strategies that may facilitate functioning within the dynamically changing health care delivery system. The evolution of the professional nursing organizations and their relationship to the development of the profession will be examined as well as their current status will be analyzed.
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