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Event Management

Program Code 1835
Program Name Event Management
Description Throughout the world, humans congregate, gather, and collaborate every day to learn, celebrate and meet, whether as a large group or for personal self-expression. This program covers a wide overview of the event industry. The learner will participate in defining, understanding and applying the elements involved in planning and staging corporate, social/life cycle, festivals, conference events and the types of organizations that produce and present them.

The learner will connect with professors and fellow peers to examine management practices, including how events are designed, funded, staffed, and promoted. The learner will be taught using independent research, group work, discussions, and experiential and work integrated learning.

The learner can expect to be exposed to the planning and development of sustainability, creativity, sales and marketing, budgeting along with the understanding of volunteer and team building pertaining to the event industry. Students will focus on how to perform an analysis of an event objective, complete an RFP, apply for permits and comprehend by-laws, and risk and security requirements.

Instructors will guide and direct you to real-world learning opportunities, which will require you to reflect on the experiences and how they connect to course content. Students are expected to participate in Work Integrated Learning assignments, projects or experiential learning opportunities. From small but significant meetings to large and dynamic conferences, the event industry is one of the worlds' most forward thinking. Training from this program will put you at the center of it all.

You'll graduate with an It's Your Shift certification, an innovative training and awareness program to prevent sexual harassment and violence.
Admission Requirements College diploma or university degree in any discipline is a requirement. Applicants who have successfully completed partial post-secondary education and have relevant work experience in hospitality will also be considered for admission.
Notes Post-graduate programs require applicants to successfully complete two consecutive full years of post-secondary education in Canada in English or in a school and country where English is the primary language of instruction and communication. Satisfactory academic progress must be demonstrated.

Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
EVNT-701 Introduction to Event Management
EVNT-702 Networking and Industry Relations
EVNT-703 Event Sales and Marketing
EVNT-704 Event Budgeting
EVNT-705 Volunteer and Team Building
EVNT-706 Sponsorship Development
EVNT-711 Event Programming
EVNT-712 Creativity and Innovation
EVNT-713 Sustainable Events
EVNT-714 Risk and Security Management
EVNT-715 Communications and Media Planning
EVNT-716 Experiential Event Operations
EVNT-717 Site Logistics