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Intermediate and Advanced Java

Course Code COMP-424
Course Name Intermediate and Advanced Java
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Intermediate and Advanced Java prepares you with the knowledge and skills necessary in planning well-designed, client-side Websites that meet business needs.

During the course, you will learn how to use XHTML and CSS to create simple and complex Web pages. You will learn how to write standard-compliant HTML code and format Web pages using CSS.

Topics, presented through assignments and reinforced by quizzes and a final exam, include: Jframes, layout managers (flow, grid, border), graphics (colour, font, geometric objects), listener interfaces, creating common GUI components (buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, text fields, text areas, labels, etc.), JOptionPane, JFileChooser, JColorChooser, JWebBrowser, evaluating the data types that can be accessed using JDBC, and more.

The knowledge you gain in Intermediate and Advanced Java will allow you to:

• Discuss programming standards and best practices;
• Design a Swing application;
• Work with VisualEditor in Eclipse;
• Use Swing layout manager and GUI components;
• Use VisualEditor to add event driven programming on Swing application;
• Use MySQL DB to create database and tables;
• Use SE Java Database Connectivity API to update, add and delete rows from tables;
• Use Socket class to create a client and host programming;
• Use Swing API to create a window-like application;
• Embed Swing class to Web pages;
• Debug and deploy Swing application.
Notes Prerequisite : CECP-105 Introduction to Java Programming

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