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Java SE/EE Programming Certificate

Program Code 7387
Program Name Java SE/EE Programming Certificate
Description Java is a powerful programming language that works across different platforms, and has become the language of choice for business applications. Becoming a Java developer, which you can do through this certificate program, will make you highly sought-after in business. You'll learn to design, code, test and deploy Java applications, with practice in both Java Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. You'll also learn how to combine Java with some of the business world's most common database servers to hit the job market with the specific skill set employers want. The chance to work on real-life projects, meanwhile, will even better prepare you to take the Java Certification exams, which result in additional credentials.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CECP-105 Introduction to Java Programming
COMP-424 Intermediate and Advanced Java
COMP-425 Web Development using Java EE and Open Source Technologies
COMP-426 Enterprise Application Development using Java EE