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Computer Programming

Program Code 7015
Program Name Computer Programming
Description Everything from shopping and banking to doing your taxes has gone digital. With so many of our daily tasks being computerized, computer programs that make these jobs possible need to be written. That's where you can come in. In the Computer Programming program, you will learn about basic computer concepts and how to use contemporary software packages to acquire strong programming skills in different programming languages. With this training, you will be taking the first steps to mastering a skill that will become more and more important as technology advances.
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Mandatory Courses

FOUR (4) mandatory courses:
Course Code Course Name
CECP-101 Programming 1
CECP-102 Introduction to Database Concept
CECP-103 Software Engineering Methodologies 1
CECP-104 Object Oriented Software Engineering

Elective Courses

Plus choose THREE (3) elective courses from either the MS.Net (CEDN) or Java (COMP) platform:
Course Code Course Name
CECP-105 Introduction to Java Programming
COMP-424 Intermediate and Advanced Java
COMP-425 Web Development using Java EE and Open Source Technologies
COMP-426 Enterprise Application Development using Java EE