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Personal Support Worker - Bridging to Practical Nursing

Program Code 7997
Program Name Personal Support Worker - Bridging to Practical Nursing
Description In the PSW to PN Bridging Certificate program, graduates of Personal Support Worker (PSW) programs from an Ontario Community College will be provided with the opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills necessary for success in a Practical Nursing (PN) program. In this program, students will review and build upon their math skills in addition to their knowledge of biology. Students will also further develop the skills necessary for success in a post-secondary program. You will have the opportunity to learn through classroom, online and collaborative activities. At the end of this program, graduates will be able to enter the first semester of the Centennial College Practical Nursing Program-Flexible (9351).
Admission Requirements Applicants must have completed an Ontario Personal Support Worker Certificate as of 2006 and onward, and having graduated from an Ontario Community College.

No Private Colleges or Adult High Schools will be accepted.

This program currently takes domestic students.

Students must provide a transcript from the Institution they attended and received their Personal Support Worker Ontario College Certificate (2 semester program). Students need to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 or 75% overall, with no failures.

Info This certificate program will be offered Fall, Winter and Summer semesters.

Registration is done on an in-person basis. Forms can be found at the Morningside Campus, Health Studies office, room 352.

Notes There are four evening courses that must be completed. You may take all four courses in the same semester. It is recommended that you take a minimum of 2 courses per semester.

The semester is 14 weeks in length.

The following four courses must be completed:

*Basic Math for Healthcare Providers
*Introduction to Human Biology
*Therapeutic Communication
*Strategies for Academic Success

These courses must be completed within four consecutive semesters.

Students have one year from the time of program completion to register in the Practical Nursing Program-Flexible (9351) if a GPA of 3.0 or higher is achieved in all four courses.

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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
BRPN-100 Basic Math for Healthcare Providers
BRPN-101 Introduction to Human Biology
BRPN-102 Therapeutic Communication
BRPN-103 Strategies for Academic Success