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Medical Esthetic Practitioner

Program Code 7989
Program Name Medical Esthetic Practitioner
Description MEPN provides the training and skills relevant to entry-level cosmetic practice in nursing. Current theory is combined with practical training via a combination of in-class lecture, hands-on treatment, injectable mannequin heads and physician demonstration.

MEPN-110 - Introduction to Medical Esthetics
MEPN-111 - Laser and Light Therapies
MEPN-112 - Cosmetic Injectibles


Please review course grouping below and choose and commit to one specific grouping. All 3 courses need to be taken within the same grouping as outlined below. If you register for a course outside of your original grouping, you will be deregistered. This is necessary to optimize the learning environment and ensure the safety for all learners. Once MEPN-110 is FULL, the corresponding section is also FULL for all courses.

Fall 2020 intake: (Saturdays)
MEPN-110-801: Sept 19-Oct 10
MEPN-111-801: Oct 17-Nov 14
MEPN-112-801: Nov 21-Dec 19

Fall 2020 intake: (Sundays)
MEPN-110-802: Sept 20-Oct 11
MEPN-111-802: Oct 18-Nov 15
MEPN-112-802: Nov 22-Dec 20

Winter 2021 intake: (Saturdays)-OPEN
MEPN-110-821: Jan 23-Feb 13
MEPN-111-821: Feb 20-Mar 20
MEPN-112-821: Mar 27-May 1

Winter 2021 intake: (Sundays)-FULL
MEPN-110-822: Jan 24-Feb 14
MEPN-111-822: Feb 21-March 21
MEPN-112-822: Mar 28-May 2

Spring/Summer 2021 COMPRESSED: (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)-OPEN
MEPN 110-841: May 3 - May 6
MEPN 111-841: May 17 - May 21
MEPN 112-841: June 7 - June 11

Spring/Summer 2021 COMPRESSED: (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)-FULL
MEPN 110-842: May 17 - May 20
MEPN 111-842: June 7 - June 11
MEPN 112-842: June 21 - June 25

Spring/Summer 2021: (Saturdays)-OPEN
MEPN 110-843: May 8 - May 29
MEPN 111-843: June 12 - July 10
MEPN 112-843: July 24 - Aug 21

Spring/Summer 2021: (Sundays)-OPEN
MEPN 110-844: May 9 - May 30
MEPN 111-844: June 13 - July 11
MEPN 112-844: July 25 - Aug 22
Admission Requirements Current proof of Registration from the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Students are required to bring proof of current registration with CNO to the first day of class in MEPN-110 to be eligible for enrolment. Students are required to submit a copy to the instructor.
Notes CALL 416-289-5300, PRESS 3 TO REGISTER

A minimum grade of 70% (B) is required in each of the practical and theoretical components to pass each course. Attendance is mandatory.
You can register online by clicking on the courses below or call 416-289-5300, press 3 to register.

***PLEASE NOTE: Upon program completion, you will need to fill out and submit a Certificate of Achievement form to Enrolment Services.***
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000, ext 3357
Contact Email

Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
MEPN-110 Introduction to Medical Esthetics for Nurses
MEPN-111 Medical Esthetics for Nurses: Laser and Light Therapies
MEPN-112 Medical Esthetics for Nurses: Cosmetic Injectables