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Financial Planning

Program Code 7053
Program Name Financial Planning
Description A professional financial planner helps clients identify financial needs and objectives, and uses this information to develop a personalized program of savings and investments to help clients realize their goals.

Centennial College in partnership with CIFP, offers a Certificate in Financial Planning. The Canadian Institute of Financial Planners is a non-profit association of Canadian Certified Financial Planner Professionals. The association is an independent, effective and powerful advocate for the CFP certification marks and the financial planning profession in Canada. Our program is specifically for individuals who wish to become qualified professional financial planners, as well as those who simply want a better understanding of the complex financial world around them.

Career opportunities may include but are not limited to, financial planner, mutual fund representative, bank or trust company officer, discount brokerage investment representative, bank or trust company officer. Centennial College students will receive instructions on how to register and log on with CIFP to purchase the reference materials. Students are required to complete four courses.

Upon completion of the four courses, students will:
1. Participate in an on-line program review with CIFP
2. Write an in-class CIFP exam
3. Write FPE 1 certificate exam with FPSC
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CEFN-801 Retirement Planning
CEFN-802 Risk Management and Estate Planning
CEFN-803 Strategic Investment Planning
CEFN-804 Income Tax Planning