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Global Citizenship and Equity in Education

Course Code TLHE-718
Course Name Global Citizenship and Equity in Education
Category Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Description The Signature Learning Experience is the articulation of Centennial College's commitment to embedding the principles of global citizenship and equity in our
learning, teaching and working environment. In this introductory course learners will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required to live
and work in a diverse world. Learners will critically examine their personal, professional, and social responsibilities at individual and structural levels and from
local and global perspectives. Particular focus will be on the current higher educational environment as we examine and debate core concepts, theories and
arguments around identity, equity, power, privilege, social justice, global citizenship, globalization, reflective practice and critical thinking.

1. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of current debates, controversies, and perspectives relating to global citizenship, equity, social justice, globalization and
human rights within the context of higher education
2. Utilize reflective practice on ongoing personal and professional development regarding issues of global citizenship, equity and social justice
3. Explain how systems of oppression operate at local and global levels
4. Analyze how identity, power and privilege intersect on personal and systemic levels
5. Explore the tensions that exist between structural oppression and human agency
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