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Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Program Code 7377
Program Name Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Description Teaching about Teaching, Learning about Learning
The Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (TLHE) certificate program provides essential critical thinking and self-reflection skills and a robust knowledge base for high-impact teaching in higher education. Join us and discover how to design, develop, and deliver curriculum that engages, inspires and transforms. We focus on creating learner-centered experiences integrating foundational principles of equity, inclusion and internationalization in classroom and online environments. You will progress through a range of required and elective courses, culminating in a teaching portfolio (or teaching dossier) that demonstrates your accomplishments and your learning journey. You will also have the opportunity to garner valuable experience through our teaching/action research practicum.
One of the most integral ingredients in high-caliber faculty and staff development is the ability to model outstanding teaching of the highest standard: walking the talk;. Therefore, when you engage with the content of TLHE courses and its scholarship opportunities and mentoring conversations, you will also critically reflect on the process of learning (meta-learning). This stance of reflection in practice and reflection on practice is vital to deep learning and to bridging the gap between learning and practice.
Notes Please note six courses are required to complete the certificate.
Contact Name Mindy Lee
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Mandatory Courses

Mandatory Courses:
TLHE 701, TLHE 702, TLHE 703, TLHE 704.
Course Code Course Name
TLHE-701 Foundations
TLHE-702 Learner Centred Teaching
TLHE-703 Assessing and Evaluating Learning
TLHE-704 Action Research Proposal

Elective Courses

In addition to the Mandatory Courses listed, please select two electives from the following:
Course Code Course Name
CEID-043 Adults with Learning Disabilities (Online)
TLHE-712 Social Media in Education
TLHE-715 New Program Development
TLHE-718 Global Citizenship and Equity in Education
TLHE-719 Open Educational Resources (OERs)
TLHE-720 Special Topics in Assessment
TLHE-721 Action Research Practicum