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Assessing and Evaluating Learning

Course Code TLHE-703
Course Name Assessing and Evaluating Learning
Category Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Description Effective and valid student assessment strategies are critical to teaching in higher education, however many instructors struggle with effective assessment design and implementation. Through this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of how well-designed assessments can result in deeper learning by students. You will examine various assessment and evaluation approaches, their purposes and applications, and how they impact the learner. Construction and management of formative and summative assessments will be of primary focus, as well as test refinement based on item analyses and results. Peer assessment will also be addressed, as well as how to give and receive effective feedback. Finally, this course will examine large-scale evaluation procedures to determine instructor and program quality.
Upon the completion of the course, you will be able to:

• Apply evaluation theory relevant to learner-centered education, Global Citizenship & Equity and eLearning;
• Align assessments to program, course, EES and GC&E outcomes;
• Create a summative and formative assessment plan for student performance in the classroom and online;
• Use appropriate individual and group evaluation strategies to accommodate diverse learners;
• Create tests and rubrics to evaluate a variety of learning activities;
• Develop self-assessment strategies in learners;
• Create instruments for assessing the overall effectiveness of a program, course, as well as teaching effectiveness.
Notes Prerequisites
TLHE 701 - Foundations
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