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Learner Centred Teaching

Course Code TLHE-702
Course Name Learner Centred Teaching
Category Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Description Learn how to apply learner-centred principles in a higher-education context. Model transformative teaching approaches, both in classroom and online. This course gives you the opportunity to put into practice the theories and approaches from the Foundations of Teaching and Learning course (TLHE701).

TLHE 702 encourages you to practice creating and facilitating safe, respectful and engaging learning environments. Using a variety of instructional strategies you will create and deliver experiential, collaborative and critical learning activities, along with the day-to-day supports that learners need. Improve your skills in voice and body language communication, organizing and managing groups, accommodating diverse learners, maintaining a respectful and non-disruptive classroom atmosphere, using inquiry- and problem-based learning (PBL) approaches. Polish the way you use presentation, audio-visual and Web technology tools, and adapt pedagogical theories and strategies to real-life and online situations.

Upon the completion of the course, you will be able to:

• Apply pedagogical approaches relevant to learner-centered education, global citizenship and equity, and e-learning;
• Use appropriate facilitation strategies to accommodate learners' diverse needs;
• Create and deliver experiential, inquiry and/or problem-based, collaborative, learner-centered activities and/or lessons;
• Use facilitator and/or coaching communicative strategies;
• Incorporate technology tools to enhance learning;
• Create and sustain a safe respectful learning environment.

Notes * Prerequisites
TLHE 701 Foundations
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