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Office Administration - Executive (Online)

Program Code 2006
Program Name Office Administration - Executive (Online)
Description Administrative professionals are the backbone of the modern office environment. From productivity and software expertise to managing complex projects, administrative professionals are valued and indispensable business generalists.

Centennial College's Office Administration - Executive program will prepare you to execute a range of duties performed by executive assistants who work with upper level management in today's technologically advanced workplaces.

Through simulated class lessons and a field placement in the final semester, you'll gain practical experience.

You'll also develop essential office and business skills in:
• Office productivity software (Microsoft/Apple/Google Suite)
• Office technology fundamentals and support
• Business writing
• Marketing fundamentals
• Social media and online communications
• Presentation and business correspondence
• Conference planning
• Meeting planning and minute-taking
• Project management
• Accounting fundamentals
• Collaboration and leadership

Members of executive teams and senior management depend on graduates of this business diploma program to demonstrate exceptional technical and communication skills.

Admission Requirements Mature student status (19 years or older).

International Students should contact our International Office via email at for eligibility.
Notes English assessment is required, please call 416 289-5000 Ext 2598 to make an appointment.

Students have 5 years to complete this program.

Click on each course to view course details and to register online. You can also register by phone at 416-289-5300.

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Mandatory Courses

Plus TWO General Education (GNED)
Course Code Course Name
ACCT-110 Accounting Fundamentals 1
COMM-160 College Communications 1
COMM-161 College Communication 1 (ESL)
COMM-170 College Communication 2
COMM-171 College Communication 2 (ESL)
GNED-500 Global Citizenship
KEYS-101 Keyboarding 1
KEYS-102 Keyboarding 2
KEYS-103 Keyboarding 3
KEYS-104 Keyboarding 4
OAEX-243 Social Media and Online Communications
OAEX-244 Computerized Bookkeeping
OAEX-253 Executive Office Procedures 1
OAEX-255 Executive Office Procedures 2
OAEX-256 Project Management for Administrative Professionals
OAGN-113 Office Administration Technology 1
OAGN-115 Introduction to Word Processing
OAGN-116 Word Processing Applications
OAGN-118 Document Review & Proofreading
OAGN-119 Document Production
OAGN-122 Career Readiness
OAGN-123 Office Administration Technology 2
OAGN-124 Financial Procedures
OAGN-125 Office Communications and Procedures
OAGN-261 Integrated Software Applications
OAGN-262 Field Placement