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Gas Technician 3 (G3), Part 3

Course Code GAST-303
Course Name Gas Technician 3 (G3), Part 3
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description This course covers TSSA Gas Technician training module 5, Introduction to electricity, module 7, Customer relations, and Module 9, Introduction to gas appliances. Module 5 provides students the knowledge of basic electrical theory and practical trade-related applications, so that they can safely and properly install gas appliances and systems. Module 9 provides the required knowledge, as a gas technician, about venting systems, types of burners, ignition systems, controls and safeties, and the characteristics of individual vented and non-vented appliances. This module covers the details necessary safely and efficiently install gas appliances. It also covers the requirements for converting appliances between propane and natural gas. As well, module 7 describes how to establish and maintain good customer relations as a major responsibility of today's gas technician, producing top quality work and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Course Prerequisites:
Successful completion of the following 2 courses:
1) Gas Technician 3, Part 1 GAST 301
2) Gas Technician 3, Part 2 GAST 302

Note: A passing grade of 75 percent is required on all course assessments.
Upon completion of Gas Technician 3 training (GAST 301, GAST 302 and GAST 303 courses), you must achieve a passing grade of 75 percent or greater on the Certification of Qualification exam for Gas Technician 3 from TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority), in order to obtain your Gas Technician 3 license. The exam is not included in this course. Completion of the Gas Technician (G3) courses does not guarantee that you will pass the Certification of Qualification exam for Gas Technician 3.
Notes Registration Requirements:

You must register for all 3 courses comprising Gas Technician 3, in 3 consecutive semesters (total of one academic year), as follows:
1) Gas Technician 3, Part 1 GAST 301
2) Gas Technician 3, Part 2 GAST 302
3) Gas Technician 3, Part 3 GAST 303

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