Electrical Safety Code and Regulations CERB-604

Course Code CERB-604
Course Name Electrical Safety Code and Regulations
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description Electrical Safety Code and Regulations has been designed as an introduction to the Canadian Electrical code, and the implementation of the code for industrial and residential applications.

Due to its technical nature, this course includes a combination of lectures and classroom exercises such as calculations that follow the Canadian electrical code. You will explore a range of subject areas such as: conductors, wiring methods, grounding, bonding, protection and control, installation of electrical equipment, motors, and class-one and class-two circuits.

Once you complete this course you will have the know-how to correctly interpret the Code and understand how to interpret rules and tables and calculate the basic electrical solutions as per requirements of code in the following areas:

• Selection of cables, junction boxes, conduit or raceway for industrial and residential buildings;
• Servicing equipment, grounding, bonding and wiring methods;
• Calculating fault currents, protecting equipment with appropriate fuses and circuit breakers;
• Class-one, class-two, and hazardous locations and classification;
• Installing electrical safety switches, panel boards, receptacles and GFCI equipment;
• Individual and group motor control centre calculations of conductors, fuses, circuit barkers and safety switch types and ratings.
Notes Prerequisite: Electrical Construction & Maintenance 2 CERB-603
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