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Electrical Power Systems

Program Code 7383
Program Name Electrical Power Systems
Description This program prepares you to service residential and industrial electrical systems and provides you with advanced practical knowledge of a wide range of subjects within the power system discipline. You will be able to use electrical equipment in troubleshooting and design basic electrical systems. Topics include study of two-wire distributions lines, conductors, wiring methods, grounding bonding, protection and control, electrical equipment, motors and class 1 and class 2 circuits. This program also includes the study of system behavior, types and modes of control, programmable logic controllers, signal conditioners, transducers, servo amplifiers, thyristor controlled rectifiers and AC and DC solid state speed control.
Admission Requirements Beginner-friendly. No prior knowledge of the subject area is required.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CERB-601 Electrical Fundamentals
CERB-602 Electrical Construction and Maintenance 1
CERB-603 Electrical Construction and Maintenance 2
CERB-604 Electrical Safety Code and Regulations
CERB-605 Electrical Systems and Control