Applied Management Studies 7035

Certificate Code 7035
Certificate Name Applied Management Studies
Description If you are currently in a management position or aspire to assume a managerial role in the future, this certificate program will assist or prepare you to function in this capacity. Topics covered in this certificate include: employee behaviours in the workplace, day-to-day reality of organizational life in business enterprises, individual differences in the workplace, human resource strategies, compensation policies and effective communication techniques to name a few.
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Mandatory Courses

Three mandatory courses:
Course Code Course Name
BUSN-333 Business Culture and Coll. Pract
HRMT-300 Organizational Behaviour
HRMT-301 Human Resource Management

Elective Courses

Plus choose five of the following:
Course Code Course Name
CEIL-862 Intercultural Communication
CEIL-863 Organizational Change and Development
CEMG-940 Introduction to Project Management
HRMT-308 Labour Relations
HRMT-316 Dispute Resolution
MGMT-222 Management Principles