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Part Time Learning

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Course Code Course Name Category
EVNT-701 Introduction to Event Management Hospitality
EVNT-702 Networking and Industry Relations Hospitality
EVNT-703 Event Sales and Marketing Hospitality
EVNT-704 Event Budgeting Hospitality
EVNT-705 Volunteer and Team Building Hospitality
EVNT-706 Sponsorship Development Hospitality
EVNT-711 Event Programming Hospitality
EVNT-712 Creativity and Innovation Hospitality
EVNT-713 Sustainable Events Hospitality
EVNT-714 Risk and Security Management Hospitality
EVNT-715 Communications and Media Planning Hospitality
EVNT-716 Experiential Event Operations Hospitality
EVNT-717 Site Logistics Hospitality
HTAP-100 Restaurant Operations Hospitality
LTCM-701 Advanced Management Practices Hospitality
MCCU-300 Introduction to Culinary Hospitality
MCCU-301 Stocks and Soups Hospitality
MCCU-302 Fermentation and Preserving: Canning, Pickling and Jams Hospitality
MCCU-303 Cheesemaking Hospitality
MCCU-304 Curing: Meats and Fish Hospitality
MCCU-305 Bread Baking at Home Hospitality
MCCU-306 Urban Agriculture: Bees and Gardens Hospitality
MCCU-307 Cooking with Community and Outdoor Cooking Hospitality
MCHT-300 New Tourism Hospitality
MCHT-301 Mastering Performance in Hospitality Operations Hospitality
MCHT-302 Innovation in Event Planning Hospitality
MCHT-303 Impact of Effective Hospitality Strategy Hospitality