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Motorcycle Rider Training

Program Code 8000
Program Name Motorcycle Rider Training
Description Centennial College motorcycle rider training programs offer comprehensive instruction on various aspects of riding, including basic controls, balance, maneuvering, and defensive riding techniques.
Our programs emphasize the importance of safety gear, such as helmets, gloves, jackets, and boots, and educates riders about proper maintenance and pre-ride checks. Riders learn about road rules, traffic laws, and situational awareness to anticipate potential dangers on the road.

By participating in rider training, riders gain confidence, learn how to make informed decisions and develop essential skills like braking, cornering, and emergency maneuvers. You also learn to assess road conditions, handle adverse weather, and interact with other road users.

Motorcycle rider training reduces the risk of accidents and injuries by promoting defensive driving strategies, hazard recognition, and proper positioning on the road. It also enhances your ability to anticipate and react to potential dangers, improving overall road safety.

Enrolling in a motorcycle rider training program is a wise investment. It helps ensure that you have the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to enjoy riding while minimizing the risks associated with motorcycling.
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Elective Courses

Course Code Course Name
CEMM-801 Intro. to Motorcycle Repair
CEMO-805 M2 Exit Motorcycling Rider Training
CEMO-808 Introduction to Motorcycling CEMO-808