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Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Certification

Program Code 7999
Program Name Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Certification
Description This course is designed as an overview of hybrid and electric bus technology currently in use in the industry.
The emphasis of this course is on hybrid vehicles and the unique interaction between the internal combustion engine and the electric machine(s) of modern systems. Consumer concerns such as charging, range and user interfaces will be addressed to allow participants to better assist their customers. Students will explore the operation of all high voltage system components in greater depth including analysis of hybrid vehicle transmissions and different battery technologies. Vehicle high voltage safety systems will be discussed and entry level diagnostic methods with appropriate tooling will be introduced. Safe depowering procedures for hybrid vehicles will be reviewed and demonstrated in a lab setting.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CESD-109 Introduction to Hybrid Vehicles
CESD-110 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Certification - Level 1 Basics