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Ophthalmic Medical Personnel

Program Code 7934
Program Name Ophthalmic Medical Personnel
Description This enables you to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to function as an ophthalmic assistant, providing quality care under the supervision of a registered Ophthalmologist. We are Canadas first Ophthalmic Medical Personnel program. This program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ophthalmic Medical Programs (CoA-AMP) as a training program at the assistant level. You will be eligible to write appropriate the certification exam following sucessful completion of this program. This program offers valuable basic knowledge of ophthalmology and provides useful information for ophthalmic nurses, receptionists, ophthalmic photographers and all ophthalmic medical personnel working at the entry level.

A minimum grade of 60% in each course is required to pass.
Admission Requirements In order to register for the courses within this program, you must be currently employed in the field working for an Ophthalmologist practice and must be sponsored by an Ophthalmologist. The student will be required to participate/assist in clinical testing as part of both CEOA906 and CEOA907. No exceptions.
Application to register is required and can be obtained by emailing
Notes CEOA 906 MUST be successfully completed before registering into CEOA907.
Students must submit the application form for each phase registering in. Applications for each phase are submitted by emailing .
Textbook information:
The recommended text for this program is:
The Ophthalmic Assistant, 10th Edition,*
Harold A.Stein, MD, Raymond M. Stein, MD and
Melvin I. Freeman, MD
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CEOA-906 Ophthalmic Assistant - Phase 1
CEOA-907 Ophthalmic Assistant - Phase 2