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Proficiency in French Language and Culture

Program Code 7917
Program Name Proficiency in French Language and Culture
Description This beginner program is designed for individuals with little or no previous exposure to the French language and will provide you with the skills necessary to understand listening, speaking, reading and writing in French. To ensure optimal learning, you will be placed in groups according to your oral proficiency. Courses will provide progress from simple and useful structure of language to more complex structure, from repetitions of language patterns to spontaneous expression.

The context of the courses/program is international French.

Required: A bilingual dictionary

Notes A bilingual dictionary is required.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
LANG-103 French 1
LANG-104 French 2
LANG-105 French 3
LANG-106 French 4
LANG-107 French 5
LANG-108 French 6