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Social Media *New - under review

Program Code 7625
Program Name Social Media *New - under review
Description Social Media is a dynamic, innovative field changing the field of business and its communication practices. Students will explore theory and foundations, designing social media strategies, monitoring and evaluation, digital communication and applied social media practices for organizations.
This is currently NOT a program. These are a cluster of courses. There is currently NO certificate associated to these courses upon completion.
Students can request for a formal Transcript from the Student Records Dpt. upon completion if they require formal documentation.
Notes This is currently NOT a program as it is under review. They are stand-alone online courses.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
SMED-101 Introduction to Social Media
SMED-102 Developing a Social Media Strategy
SMED-103 Monitoring and Measurement
SMED-104 Digital Communication
SMED-105 Applied Social Media in Business
SMED-106 Social Media Privacy and Security
SMED-107 Branding in Business and Personal Social Media
SMED-108 Risk Management in Social Media
SMED-109 Social Media Applied Policy