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Person-Centered Planning and Community Building Facilitator

Program Code 7398
Program Name Person-Centered Planning and Community Building Facilitator
Description This fully online Certificate program will provide students with a solid theoretical framework and practice in the facilitation skills of Person-Centered Planning and Community-Building. The concept of citizenship and valued participation in community life as it relates to people with developmental disabilities will be emphasized. Using a respectful and holistic, person-centered approach, students will learn to promote and support self-advocacy and self-determination for people with developmental disabilities. The goal is to investigate ways that allow for personal empowerment to achieve the desired lifestyle of the person. At the same time, students will come to understand the individual in the context of their relationships. There will be a focus on establishing and nurturing a variety of supportive relationships as a means to achieving a healthier, more secure and meaningful life. In addition, utilising a community-building perspective, will educate students on the power of a macro approach to positive social change combined with the individual work that is involved in planning. This certificate program will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to examine how relationships, community and a sense of belonging start, develop and grow.

Throughout the program, students will learn how to use Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), Social Role Valorization (SRV), and Social Capital Theory strategies to strengthen communities and include people at risk for marginalization. Students will learn about a variety of person-centered planning strategies and gain experience with some of these tools. From this value-based framework, students will have the opportunity to practice the facilitation skills associated with planning and community-building. Even within an online program, this learning will be hands-on and practical and will culminate in students completing their capstone project in their final course. Students will be required to work with personal acquaintances to engage in a planning process as well as explore their community so as to be able to recognize and utilise the abundance communities hold. The course offers ample opportunity for collaboration with colleagues to create a fertile online-learning environment. It also establishes good reflective practice skills through regular self-evaluation and personal goal setting.
Notes Completion Requirements:

DSCE200: Intro to Person-Centered Planning (Online)
DSCE201: Person-Centered Facilitation (Online)
DSCE202: Community Building (Online)
DSCE203: Social Capital and Macro Change (Online)
Contact Name Stephen Danso
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
DSCE-200 Intro to Person-Centered Planning
DSCE-201 Person-Centered Facilitation
DSCE-202 Community Building
DSCE-203 Social Capital and Macro Change